The HoboJeepers
"Wish List" 2000
from Space!!
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Here is a recent NASA space shuttle shot of Colorado and part of the Western huh??

The HoboJeepers "wish list" is a compilation of the many trails the Hobos would like to run in 2000,

and all are not listed due to space.  The red dot shows the trail location, and also the city location above.

Note the white snowcapped Rocky Mountains, and the red rocks of Moab...........
Here is the tentative HoboJeepers 2000 Trail "Wish List":
Trail difficulty is indicated by the following icons:
=Extreme  =Difficult  =Moderate  =Easy
(in no particular order, trail difficulty rated by Colorado State Association,
blue hyperlinks represent trips taken in 99', trips in { parenthesis } were taken in 00')
{Battlement Mesa}
Holy Cross City
Wheeler Lake
{-------MOAB 2000-------}
{Hell's Revenge}
{Fins and Things}
{Poison Spider}
{Golden Spike}
{Gold Bar Rim}
  Mother's Day Run
{Red Cone Peak}
Radical Hill
N.Fork Swan River
{S.O.B. Hill}
Glacier Ridge
{Georgia Pass}
{N.Twin Cone Peak}
{China Wall}
{Camp Wondervue Ice Ice Races 2000}
Birdseye Gulch
Mosquito Pass
Moody Hill
{Middle St. Vrain/Coney Flats}
{Eldorado Mountain/Caribou Flats}
{Kingston Peak Loop, and, and }
{Yankee Hill}
{Miner's Gulch}
{Jenny Creek}
{Spring Creek}
{Left Hand OHV Area 00'}
{Gillespie Gulch 00'}
{Gillespie/Castle Gulch}
{Bill Moore Lake}
{ALL-4-Fun 2000 }
{2nd Annual Hobo Run 2000 },(Details)
{-------SAN JUANS-------}
{Engineer Pass}
{California Gulch}
{Corkscrew Gulch}
{Black Bear Pass}
{Imogene Pass}
~48 trails "give or take", (double the number of 99')
We may not do all of these, but we shall take them as they come, "Jeep, Jeep!"
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