Although Jeep vehicles are now a Chrysler trademark, the word "Jeep" has slipped into our everyday vocabulary.  When spoken, it creates an image that everyone understands.
           The first coinage of the word "JEEP", as applied to a motor vehicle, occurred during WWI.  According to Major E.P. Hogan, who wrote a history of the development of the Jeep for the Army's Quartermaster review in 1941.  The word "Jeep", he wrote. "is an old Army grease monkey term that dates back to WWI and was used by shop mechanics in referring to any new motor vehicle received for a test."  Jeep was still used in Army motor pools well into the 1930's as general purpose or "GP" for short.  Though in a 1941 Army manual it refers "GP" as Government 80" wheel base car (Jeep).  Before then in 1936, the term 'Jeep' was it introduced to the world by a Popeye comic strip character, "Eugene the Jeep".  The only words Eugene could say were "Jeep, Jeep", and "GP" then became "Jeep". Then the "Willys Quarter-Ton Jeep was 1st used by the U.S. military in WWII. When the WWII Jeep was issued during wartime, the term "Jeep" was here to stay.
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