Barking Dog Trail*
Near Jamestown, Colorado
*Note: This trail is closed to the public.

     The HoboJeepers headed up to Longmont, Colorado and ran the Barking Dog Trail as part of the Mother's Day Run put on by Patrol 11 of Mile Hi-Jeep Club on May 16th, 1999.  Along with my sidekick Molly (my GSP) and myself, were Paul W. and his son, Jon B. and his new stock TJ, and Chris P. with his son Jason.  This is our 1st run together as a patrol.  We ran with about 14 other vehicles, thanks to Patrol 11 for another great annual run.  Another salute goes to the "Undertaker" (Kevin C. of Patrol 8), for support on and over the rocks, as he lead us up the trail. As we all paraded out of Longmont, it was great to see everyone ready to hit the trails after for some, a long winter.  This was also the first trip (and report) out as real "Hobos" in 99', one of the many to come.

Hobo Bill over the rock ledge     Hobo Chris gets hung on a diff, then 3-wheels the ledge

    After airing down, the first test on the trail and for the year was the "rock ledge".  I managed to work my way up the right line to the right.  Jon breezes up it with some momentum, and is thinking "piece of cake"; little did he know what lurked ahead.  Chris discovered what else his jeep needed at this same obstacle (see photo), front ARB's, disconnects, and lots of skid plates (or a little lift).  With a little finesse driving, and spotting from Kevin, he was up and over ready for more (see photo).  Paul made everything look easy being locked up all around and a really high lift.  The trail has a lot of rocks on it, and is not real technical with driver skill, but stock vehicle may get into trouble on the wrong lines.

Jon creek crossing, then trail repair & cleanup* time                              Hobo Paul

    Now the fun begins, remember Jon's new stock TJ?  It's broken in by now as we have moved up half the trail.  Well, up at the streambed, after he managed to lose the driver side steps, one rock seemed to lunge up and manage to take out his oil pan drain plug**Note: the small hole (size of pen) was quickly plugged, and ANY oil lost was removed along with it's soil.  It's amazing what a little silicone, hammering, and duct tape will do, thanks to all that helped (see photo). Is that all you ask?  Well, on up a little further, Chris driving behind Jon, noticed that his left rear tire was really low, make that flat! Tires don't hold air with a broken valve stem.  

    As Paul played the song "Money", Jon got to try out that new TJ spare he brought. Rain and all, after we hit pavement, we all went up to Left Hand canyon and played on the hill climbs, until they got a little too slick.  Paul got a little sideways on one of them, that's when he pondered if the spring-over was a good idea.  Yep, it rained harder, then we headed back to Denver, as "Mother Nature" won that day.

Bill H.  HoboJeepers

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