Camp Wondervue Ice Ice Races 2000
Sponsored by Patrol 11
Near Wondervue, Colorado
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Camp Wondervue provides a great Winter setting

    On February 13th, we charged up the batteries in our Jeeps and went up Hwy 72 into the foothills west of Denver to Patrol 11's Camp "Windyvue" Ice Races 2000.  Hobos Paul Weisz (and son Brett), Chris Potter (and sons), Chris and Debi Vieth, Scott and Janet Maxwell (and family), myself and my side-kick Molly (CJ7), and Guest  Hans Schulze (YJ) we all in attendance.

Group shot, from Paul's red CJ on right: Paul, Scott, Chris V., Bill,

Chris P., and Hans with silver YJ to the left.

This picture doesn't show the howling cold wind, but it was there...



Rookie Hobo Scott wins 2 races,,,,,,,then a trophy the next weekend!

    Thanks to Patrol 11 for another well-organized and fun event.  I remember it being windy in the past, but I think I heard the term "wind chill" being used quite often.  Standing on ice into a 20-30 mph 30 degree wind gusts for hours didn't look like too much fun, so our thanks go out to the all officials on the ice.

"Weiszguy" seems to be parallel to the gate to the right somehow...



It looks easy enough, just drive around the cones...but its not

    I had a practice run early, and felt so confident that I almost froze my fingers off airing down.  But, when it came down to real single elimination racing after lots of rubber tires before me, the track was as slick as "ice".  So, of course the only real control I had was in the straight-aways.  Seems that just the slightest turn locked in all fours, or too much gas, can turn you in a 360 just like that.  Chris Potter also had a short day on his run, while we both watched rookie Scott Maxwell take 2 races, and almost making the 3rd trophy round races.

Hobo Bill is already in trouble into turn 2, very slick........



Hobo Chris Potter trys out the ARB's on ice... Hobo Chris Vieth gets some pointers from Hans...

    Chris V., Paul, and Hans all had sipped tires, so they ran after the bare rubber class. I bet by then the ice was really slick.  Even though no one took home a trophy, the real winning was in the fun of the race, and supporting other patrols in the club at club events like this one.

Hobo Chris Vieth takes on the ice in the sipped class...........

    Then on February 20th, some Hobos just couldn't get enough of the ice races, and came back for more fun the next weekend.  Hobos Scott and Janet Maxwell, Paul "Weiszguy" Weisz, Chris and Debi Vieth, and prospective Hobo Brad Rivere and family, all came up for another shot at a trophy.  Like night and day, that's what the weather was like compared with the 13th "win-chilled" day.  With the sun out and no wind, seems like a nice way to spend a winter day.

Hans takes his 93'YJ out for a Sunday "spin"..........

    An email from Janet Maxwell the day after the races seems to sum up the day: "Hi Bill - it's Janet: Yes, we went to the ice races yesterday and Mr. Maxwell came home with a 5th place trophy!  He also ran in the Millennium Cup and was edged out by a fraction of an inch in the first round by a small Toyota truck!  I was Scott's co-pilot, so I am taking some credit!!!

    Paul was there with his CJ5. He did really well except at one corner.  Chris of Chris and Debi were also there with different tires this time, and he did really well. I think he made it to the fourth round.  Chris also had several of his work buddies there, they made it to the 3rd round, I think.  One race he ran against his friend Joe and Chris won.  It was a beautiful day and we were all outside sitting on bumpers. Brad and his family came up to watch for a while, his jeep is still being worked on.  It was a great day!!!" Well, sounds like another great day of racing from Patrol 11, thanks from the Hobos!

 Paul's other CJ5 Jeep   Scott Maxwell's 98 TJ 

Bill Hallinan HoboJeepers

Here is the report from Camp Wondervue Ice races 99'

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