From Webster to Jefferson, Colorado

Red Cone Trail...Scenic and Fun!

    On the weekend of August 12th the HoboJeepers camped and jeeped near Kenosha Pass among the cool aspens. Two trails were planned: Saturday was Red cone/Radical Hill/Middle Swan/S.O.B. Hill/ and Georgia Pass Trails, and Sunday: Twin Cone TrailScott "Mad Max" Maxwell put together a trip report covering the weekend.  "Friday night found Hobos Bill Hallinan (CJ) and his jeepin-sidekick Molly, and guests Bobbette Mathews (TJ), son Thomas and daughter Catherine; Chris Vieth (YJ); Scott and Janet Maxwell (TJ), with sons Tom and Pete, and guest Jessica Schnabel from Germany snuggled in for a chilly August night at Kenosha Pass."

The trail starts in the aspens along periodic rocky sections...

    "On Saturday August 12th, Pete Ramirez (YJ) and his buddy Mike who recently relocated from Florida joined all of us in the a.m. as we aired down at the Webster turn off US 285, and headed out to run Red cone/Radical Hill/Middle Swan/S.O.B. Hill/ and Georgia Pass Trails.  The day started out drizzly, and was only a sign of what was to come. As for Chris Vieth, it was his one year anniversary of running Red Cone and his first 4 wheeling adventure."

Bobbette in her "smiley yellow 2000 TJ" navigates thru a nice rocky section...


   "The trail up Sawhill Gulch was scenic and contained some rock fields, with lots of fun had by all on the obstacles. A small steep hill climb tests your carburetor at high altitude.  The Red Cone 12,800' summit was reached without much ado, as we were joined by another MHJC member (Jeff Mullin) at the scenic viewpoint."


Minor obstacles are strewn along the trail just for fun...


A steep climb up to the summit thru a small boulder field...


We stopped at the ridgeline with views of Mt. Evans to the north,

and Webster Valley below as a storm brushes us by...

    "While we all enjoyed the spectacular views and inspiring colored rocks as we contemplated the infamous descent from Red Cone.  Bill commented that the moguls were growing larger and more intimidating as the years go by.  We all managed to slip and slide our way down with ease with even Janet taking a turn at the wheel.  She reached the bottom uneventfully except for the ear to ear grin and shaking knees, as she stopped (or was stuck) at one of the moguls."

We make the final climb up to Red Cone with views abound...


Red Cone's 12,800' summit, but the real challenge awaits...


View from the summit shows Webster Pass below, and Radical Hill off in the distance...

    "We proceeded down to Webster pass thru some smaller steep moguls, stopped for a quick break to repair a downed barricade, and stopped for lunch at the bottom of the hill.  The afternoon started with Bobbette's new TJ sidestep taking a beating on one of the obstacles at the bottom of the climb up Radical Hill, which is quit interesting. It's easy to see where the name comes from. "

Hobo Chris Vieth "skis" down the moguls of Red Cone...


Hobo Bill running Red Cone's moguls at last years run...


The trail follows the sharp ridgeline down to Webster Pass to the left...

    "The narrow ledges and loose scramble to the top of Radical Hill got the adrenaline flowing.  While on top we spotted two of the local mountain goats.  Peaks back at Red Cone revealed several more groups making the trip, with the Hobos thankful for our early start and beating the crowds."

Hobo Pete "JeepDog" eases up a side obstacle on Radical Hill Trail...


The last sharp turn on Radical Hill runs thru a loose rocky section...

Red Cone and Webster Pass is across the valley.


Now this is Colorado!!...

The tundra shelf road at over 11,500' above

 Radical Hill (center right) offers 360 degree views!


   "Heading on down the hill and along the Middle Swan Trail, we stopped to scout around the ruins of the old mining cabins.  Bill pointed Chris and Scott in the direction of S.O.B. hill.  The rain slickened rocks provided a fun run up and back run with Chris making it look easy.  With my automatic, I was also able to crawl up and down, with a smile for my troubles.  Did I mention rain yet?  Then the clouds that had threatened all day opened up and we were treated to a nice soaking."


Hobo Chris Vieth crawls up the steep hill 

up and over boulders along the way...


"Mad Max" climbing and negotiating...nice run Scott!


A look down S.O.B. Hill, steep and boulders,fun,fun!


Here's a shot of myself coming down S.O.B. Hill

in the rain during last year's All-4-Fun...Wet, slick, and muddy.

    "We headed down the Middle Swan drainage as Pete and buddy Mike departed at the bottom of the hill for the nearest gas station, as they were running empty, and a return to Denver.  The rest of the gang headed up over Georgia Pass and into Jefferson for gas.  The Georgia Pass road starts out easy then gets a little rocky towards the top. All the time up, it was raining, did I mention that yet?"

The easy Georgia Pass Trail was quite interesting in the rain...

    "Guests Bobbette, Thomas and Cathrine headed back for Denver in their yellow smiley TJ.  After savoring La Popular's famous pork tamales, guest Jessica and Tom called it a chilly night and headed back for town as well.  Too bad they weren't equipped with the security code to the Maxwell's home alarm system, but then that's another expensive story.  Chris's tent got a little soaked from all the rain we had, and decided to head back to his cozy bed in Denver.  So, it was up to Scott and Janet, & Bill and Molly (actually Molly just looks for squirrels) to run Twin Cone on Sunday."

Scott "Mad Max" Maxwell HoboJeepers


Black Bear Pass, Mike Lane's 2nd to last trip...RIP

    One important sidenote:  We were in the same area Mike Lane rolled his CJ7 and lost his life that day above the Middle Swan and Gibson Lake.  We opted not to run Glacier Ridge due to the rains and possible mud sliding on the off-camber trail. Please be safe wherever to ride.  ALWAYS STAY PERPENDICULAR TO THE SLOPE.  Don't take chances with your life, say NO "it's not safe", if you have a choice, and YOU DO-your buddies will understand.

Bill Hallinan HoboJeepers


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