Jeep Rollover
above Gibson Lake, Colorado
This page is dedicated to the memory of Mike Lane



    On August 12th, 2000--a tragedy happened on the mountains.  Maybe I posted this to scare you into being safe on the trail, if it saves only one life (yours) then yes-that's why I did, but I would rather it wasn't at the expense of someone's life.  Your not invincible, please be a safe jeeper, and have fun, as even the experienced drivers get caught off guard.  Mike was alone and trying to get back up the saddle from Gibson Lake.  A hiker/fisherman at Gibson Lake saw the whole thing, and in 10 minutes was there trying to save him.

    Please remember to ALWAYS stay perpendicular to ANY slope.  I repeat: Please remember to ALWAYS stay perpendicular to ANY slope.  Don't let your gonads or your buddies make you do anything that isn't safe! I have never felt bad about NOT doing something on the trail I wasn't ever comfortable doing and didn't do.  Really...your buddies WILL understand.  After finding out about the rollover on Sunday from the JU forum, I found out more info to share with everyone about jeeper Mike Lane who died, and the hiker who tried to save him. 


Let's learn 2 things: 1)Never Jeep Alone, and 2) Think Safety 1st.


PLEASE EVERYONE...For Mike's sake: THINK SAFETY BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!!! (I mean anything!)!!!




Bill Hallinan

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