January/February 2001 
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    Winter, hummmmm…Seems Ol'e man Winter is paying us visits more frequently these days, thus reminding us that he intends to stay around maybe at least until March. That's OK by me, as it's a time to relax and reflect on trails past, and to plan on trails in the future. Tis the season for fixes and upgrades, while trying to remember what you packed in that "emergency box" in case you ever need something in it. The HoboJeepers had a great holiday season, as we hope you all did too. We haven't run any trails yet, but we are pulling out the calendar as we have in 2000, and are compiling another "Wish List" for 2001.


    On December 7th, we got together for our annual Hobo Xmas meeting at Paul Weisz's house in Littleton. We nominated Gene King for his great service to Mile-Hi and the Jeeper of the Year Award, discussed some Hobo business, and exchanged Xmas gifts by number, a fun meeting by all. Thanks to Santa Claus and Mile-Hi for making Xmas fun for the kids every year at the Dec Parent meeting. Some like myself went to warmer climates for Xmas, and enjoyed a few 70-degree days.


    On January 11th, the Hobos met up again for our monthly and 1st Hobo meeting of 2001 at Scott and Janet Maxwell's pad in Highland's Ranch. We discussed many Hobo and Mile-Hi issues. We also had a special swearing in ceremony for our newest Hobo. The HoboJeepers would like to introduce our newest Hobo Steve "Moose" Gilbert to our growing family! Steve drives a well-modified 2000 TJ Sahara, and brings a lot of great energy to our group. Steve has been very active in our patrol and at the MHJC meetings since September, as he attends classes at DU. He is still a bit green on the trail, but he will catch on fast and enjoy every mile of trail we have planned for 01'. We look forward to his fun character on and off the trail…Welcome to the Hobos Steve!!


    Each Hobo, along with our new prospective Hobo Richard Dillon, wrote down in order of preference the trails they would like to do in 01'. A general list is compiled to put together trips on paper, and assign them a date. This allows everyone plenty of time to plan days off and really…to look forward to the trip! Some of the main trips we have planned in 01' are: Moab over Memorial Day, The San Juan's over the 4th of July, putting on another fun (3rd Annual) Hobo Run July 14th, and of course ALL-4-FUN in Salida. Our website, which has all of our 99' and 00', will also post our list and invitation to join us as we "ride the trails".


    On January 18th, the HoboJeepers hosted the January Parent meeting. A personal thanks from myself to all the Hobos for helping make it a great success. Teamwork and participation, that's what our patrol is about, on and off the trail, as is true with the many volunteer hours people invest in "our club". So, just in case you missed my short bit in December, I'll run it by ya again.


    Let's make 01' a year of many inter-patrol and MHJC trips. Invite your fellow patrol to a run, you may actually get to know them! Seems we never get together as a club on the trail anymore, except at All-4-Fun, Ice Races, The Hobo Run, or Aspencades. This is our sport, as some people join clubs who like boating, hiking, snowmobiling, climbing, Harleys, classic cars, and even bowling leagues. We like Jeepin'! So--plan to volunteer and invest in MHJC in 01', by either planning trips, keeping Land Use an issue, or the entertainment at meetings, a little or a lot--just get involved! We look forward to a fun year with John Flesner at the wheel!


    Don't forget to join us in support of the Cliffhangers of Patrol 11 as they host their annual Camp Wondervue Ice Ice Races February 17th and/or the 24th . This long-time family style tradition may be gone, as a new venue may have to be sought. If you've never been ice racing, it's a blast! Come out, check out the rigs, and "chill" with your fellow jeepers.


    A quick holiday reminder, Happy Valentine's to your favorite someone, hugs are free!


Bill Hallinan HoboJeepers

Happy Hobo Valentine's 2001!!



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