JULY 1999

Hobo articles represent the previous month's activities, and are published in MHJC's "Jeepers In The New's"

     Hi everyone! Mother Snowbank is losing her grip, and the Hobo Jeepers hope everyone is out and about Jeepin those trails on your "wish list" this Summer of 99'.
     The June Hobo meeting at 7:30pm, on the second Thursday after MHJC Board meeting. After chat about and plans for the Hobo Run and other Hobo business it was already 10pm! Speaking of the Hobo Run, we wanted to start a tradition with The Mile High Jeep Club similar to The Mother's day run put on by Patrol 11 every year. This year and the next year, the Hobo Run will be held 2 weeks after July 4th weekend and 2 weeks before All-4-Fun in July. Each year may be over a different trail, but the concept will be the same, "Jeepin, with a twist of fun mixed in". We look forward to a great time over Kingston Peak on July 17th, and we hope you can join us!

Spring Creek 1 with Hobo Bill, Hobo Chris, and Jon Brule

    On June 20th the Hobos did go "Jeepin" up Spring Creek. With me (and my sidekick Molly) having been up before (when the upper rocks were a lot smaller…….can rocks grow?), Paul Weisz (with son Brett), Jon Brule, and Chris Potter (with son Jason and Chris's twin Craig) aired down and pushed uphill. We did hit a few traffic jams of other people stuck or broke, but we kept on til we reached Saxon Mtn. (snow-free I might add). Since Paul said it best on how the day went in an Email, I'll hand this section to him. Here's his Email of June 21st: "Hey guys, thought I'd drop you a line to tell you all what a great time Brett, and I had Sunday. The Spring Creek 1 Trail  was a blast. It had some very difficult sections that were fun, and challenging for all of us.

    But we all made it through without much damage, but for my steering stabilizer, and our kidneys. Jon had a clean run, and continues to impress us all with his courage and driving ability (way to go Jon, you the man). Chris looked like a seasoned veteran at the wheel, and had no problem with this difficult trail (no bumps, no scrapes, and no errors, though a little late for his own Father's Day BBQ). Bill is a seasoned veteran on the trail and with him leading us we'll never get lost (thanks Bill). The weather was perfect, but those close lightning strikes got our nerves a little rattled. The beauty of the woods, and the awesome views we encountered remind me what I enjoy most about this sport. Also these day trips will be a great way for us all to gel as a new patrol. Hopefully we can arrange these at least a couple of times a month, including the times we might run trails with other patrols. To David, Ken, and Jim, we're looking forward to having you guys with us as soon as your schedules free up a bit. Once again thanks everyone, had a great time, see ya soon. Sincerely, Paul Weisz"

The tow strap was used this day



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