Spring Creek Trail 1&2

near Downieville, Colorado 


   On June 20th 1999, the Hobos went "Jeepin" up Spring Creek Trail, west of Idaho Springs, Colorado.  Exit off I-70 at Downieville, proceed east on the frontage road north of the freeway.  Go under the freeway and a quick left to cross Clear Creek and the trailhead is on the left.  With myself (and my sidekick Molly) having been up before (when the upper rocks were a lot smaller…….can rocks grow?), Paul Weisz (with son Brett), Jon Brule, and Chris Potter (with son Jason and Chris's twin Craig) aired down and pushed uphill. The trail is steep with a lot of medium-sized rocks all along the trail.  After jeepin' up a few switchbacks, you encounter the 1st SUV running board muncher.  This trail is no SUV trail, as you soon find out at the upper rock garden.  We did hit a few traffic jams of other people stuck or broke, but we kept on till we reached Saxon Mtn. for a great view of the Front Range and the town of Georgetown below.

Spring Creek 1 with Hobo Bill, Hobo Chris, and Jon Brule

Since Paul said it best on how the day went in an Email, I'll hand this section to him. Here's his Email of June 21st: "Hey guys, thought I'd drop you a line to tell you all what a great time Brett, and I had Sunday.  The Spring Creek trail was a blast. It had some very difficult sections that were fun, and challenging for all of us.  But we all made it through without much damage, but for my steering stabilizer, and our kidneys.  Jon had a clean run, and continues to impress us all with his courage and driving ability (way to go Jon, you the man).  Chris looked like a seasoned veteran at the wheel, and had no problem with this difficult trail (no bumps, no scrapes, and no errors though a little late for his own Father's Day BBQ).  Bill is a seasoned veteran on the trail and with him leading us we'll never get lost (thanks Bill).  The weather was perfect, but those close lightning strikes got our nerves a little rattled. The beauty of the woods, and the awesome views we encountered remind me what I enjoy most about this sport.  Once again thanks everyone, had a great time, see ya soon. Sincerely, Paul Weisz"

The tow strap got a workout on this day



Spring Creek Trail 2

     Once again, on Sunday July 25th after tackling the rock section of the same Spring Creek Trail in June, the HoboJeepers decided to try it again (see Spring Creek2 photos), to test out Jon's new lift.  Paul, Chris, and Jon, met at IHOP, and headed up to the trailhead after breakfast.  This time everyone was seasoned, but the rock garden sure seemed "bigger".  Jon worked his finesse right thru, as did Paul. Chris conquered some obstacles he'd missed the last time.  Other then Jon's brakes seizing up, and the Empire crawl home on I-70 traffic, it was all in another day of jeepin.  Isn't that what it's all about?



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