APRIL 1999
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       Well, well, after a year of hibernation, Popeye's little pet "Eugene the Jeep" is back!! Back with some new faces, while leaving some others in the past. Since the fall of 97', most of patrol 1 members (10 of 12) had started and personally chose to "do their own thing" without the support or involvement in the Mile-Hi Jeep Club. Now that a good "spring cleaning" has taken place, I look forward to a future of fun and trail riding with some new friends and members in Patrol 1.
       Our 1st Patrol meeting back was on March 4th, to get together and talk about plans for the patrol and for 1999.  I'd like to introduce the newest confirmed member to patrol 1.
       PAUL WEISZ and family, have been a member of Mile Hi since last year. Paul is a single Dad, and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty all in the name of jeeping. His Jeep is a great-looking spring over 1986 CJ7, with most everything needed and more for a fun day on any trail.
       The HoboJeepers look forward to a great year becoming active again with Mile Hi, and are always looking for new members up until a limit is reached. So if your looking for a patrol, have a modified (or planning to modify) short-wheel based Jeep, and believe in the "tread lightly" way of team four-wheeling with a twist, give me a ring.
     BILL HALLINAN  Patrol Leader

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