April 2001 
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    SPRING!!…Ok, It's fair to say we start to speak and hear of the "S" word anytime soon. Nope, not Spring, but Summer! The big question on every Jeepers mind this time of year and every year is, "When will it open??" Well, one will never know unless we network! Let's keep everyone updated on the latest trail openings and conditions, so we all know what to expect. Kerry Mcgowan has put up a cool message board on MHJC's "New Look" website at www.mhjc.org to do just that. Post a trip, comment on a trail, and keep your local Jeeper informed on current trail conditions.  Also note the cool lookin' CJ7's on their logo banner, look familiar?


    With Spring officially sprung on March 20th, the HoboJeepers ignored the Saturday St. Patrick's Day snow storm of the 1st weekend of Spring and went out on that Sunday to play. The following trip report comes to us from Ken "Toolman" Kordes who lead us on the Castle Gulch Snow Run northwest of Boulder.

    "On Sunday March 18th MHJC's Patrol 1 Hobo Jeepers make a run up Castle Gulch to Fairview Peak for lunch and a view of the Front Range. The trip began with breakfast at IHOP in Lakewood, Colorado, and the drive through the wonderful City of Boulder and beyond. The 1st run of the year finally. It was great to be out for a day of wheeling!


The HoboJeepers out on a fun Castle Gulch Snow Run


    Those in attendance and being of excellent company, were Chris "Colonel" Potter and son Jason with his CJ, Chris "Curly" Vieth and friends in his YJ, Bill "Hobo Willy" Hallinan and his side kick Molly in their CJ, Bobbette Mathews and children in their Yellow TJ, Scott "Mad Max" Maxwell with the Mad Max mobile (TJ) and myself Ken "Toolman" Kordes in the 61 Ford F100. Guests included Chris V's friend Jeff with a real nice CJ.


    The trail was covered with 3 maybe 4 inches of snow, which made for lots of rock sliding fun. Jeff in his Holly Carbureted V8 "CJ" started having trouble at the very start, gatta love those Holly's in the mountains. Taking the trail slow and easy with lots of slick spots, brought use to the first rock chute. Not a bad climb and fun, even with a little snow. The second chute was a little more difficult for those with out lockers, but all made the climb with little trouble and encouragement from all. Each took similar but different lines thru the lower rock chute.

     The upper rock chute is a bit steeper, and with the snow it was quick slick. The smaller rocks were hidden by the snow, so a dry run up this chute would offer one a bit of a ride. The trail leveled out at the ridge and turned north to the final stop at Fairview Peak and lunch with a nice view of the Front Range and the mountains to the West.


    After lunch, a leisurely trip back down Castle Gulch and thru the same rock chutes brought us to the end of another superb day of wheeling. Most of the snow at the bottom was melted in the afternoon." Ken Kordes HoboJeepers


    Thanks to Ken for the report, and a great trip. The combination of snow and good-sized rocks with the steep climb up the gulch, makes it a fun and challenging day! Bobbette, with her modified TJ made it thru the rock chutes up and down with both side-steps still intact! Chris "Colonel" Potter" made it look easy with driver skill and his modifications are paying off. It's just a walk in the park for Mr. automatic "Mad Max". While "The Toolman" and "Curley", make great use of their mods. Just another reason we do what we do, cause we love to "Jeep,Jeep"!!


    The HoboJeepers have posted their 2001 trail "wish list", and are planning some inter-patrol outings, look for you patrol's invitation soon, we wanna Jeep with ya! April trip plans include the 2001 Mall Show, Carnage (14th), Slaughterhouse Trail near Conifer, and the Left Hand Cleanup April 29th.


See ya on the trail, "Jeep, Jeep"

Bill Hallinan HoboJeepers

Happy Hobo Easter 2001!!



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