"Jeep, Jeep"

    Patrol 1 and Eugene want to welcome you to the: 5th Annual HOBO RUN Over the Kingston Peak Loop Trail Saturday July 19, 2003.  We are glad you joined us today, and look forward to a day of fun and trails as you become a Hobo for a day.

   The term "Hobo" is derived from a traveler of the rails years ago and even today.  They explore and go going wherever the railroad tracks may take them. So today, the Hobo Jeepers and you will explore the trail in much the same spirit. Though Patrol 1 has been in Mile High since 1995.  Many of you already know our mascot "Eugene the Jeep" from old Popeye cartoons. We are happy to bring you this annual event and hope you enjoy today as much as I know we will!!

Here's some general instructions on how today will work:

1) Each vehicle will be assigned a Hobo # at REGISTRATION, and will only have one representative "Hobo" for the day. Please show you're your Hobo # at each checkpoint.

2) Hobo survival items with point values, will be collected by random selection by each Hobo at various points along the trail. Point values are 3 sets of 10pt increments up to 100 for an item.

3) As an item is being collected, your HOBO # along with its corresponding point/card value at each checkpoint will be recorded at that time for that item. Thus to avoid the "switch-a rue".

4) All items are to be stored in your bandana at all times, random checks may occur at anytime. If an item is not being stored in your bandana, you could lose the points for that item.

5) Also, keep your "Good luck nut" around your neck, as a top HOBO needs a good solid nut to survive on the trail!

6)Be very careful! A broken egg at the lunch stop means no points for that item (cracked is ok).

7) One of the extra items, will be a clue as to where "Eugene the Jeep" might be today. After receiving the clue, and after the person in front of you, each Hobo will then be required to recite you HOBO #, and the contents of the clue (as it is written) to the rest the Hobos over the CB radio. HOBO #'s will be recorded once the clue is reveled

8) For an extra 200 points, guess where Eugene is today, and write your HOBO # and your guess on the paper provided in your bandana. Hand in your answer up to us at the lunch stop.

9) A playing card will also be handed out at each checkpoint. Hold on to each of the 5 cards, and keep them stored along with your other supplies in your traveling bandana. The highest poker hand receives an extra 200 points, second highest 100 points. Good Luck!!!!

10) Decisions by the judges will be final and fair.

11) The 5th Annual Hobo Run will broadcast on CHANNEL 13.

12) Please STAY ON THE TRAIL, and "Tread Lightly", especially try to stay off the tundra.

13)After the last checkpoint, we'll stop for a scenic lunch up at timberline. Please gather around near the table for during lunch. Bring up your EGG and your EUGENE GUESS to the table ASAP. We will total up everyone's points, and the 5th Annual "Top Hobo" Trophy handed out. Keep the ticket stub from registration, it may will you a goodie!!!!!!!

And finally 14) You will be required to relax, take in the scenery, and have a good time today!!

Thanks again for coming!   The HoboJeepers


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