Cliff Hanger Trail
(1st part to overlook and back)
'Nite Run'
SW of Moab, Utah

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From the McDonald's on Main Street take Kane Creek Road west. Just after the pavement ends you will see the big parking area next to a sign that says Amasa Back Trail is just ahead. 

Trip Leader--Hobo Willy


  On an early Friday evening around 8:30pm May 25th, we set out from camp towards the trailhead. Heading south out of camp a few miles away, we started up the Kane Creek Road heading towards the Cliff Hanger Trailhead.  The scenery around there was beautiful!  With sunset at 8:30pm, the low sunlight was shining off the sandstone cliffs.  At the start, the trail heads down some steep stair steps down to Kane Creek.  The easier line is to the right and harder to the left.  We then crossed Kane Creek and headed SE along the cliffs.  Nice challenging obstacles were to be had as one slowly climbs up out of the canyon towards the pass to the West.


We head down the steps at the trailhead to start off the nite run...


Just after Kane Creek...


Looking NE as the twilight fades away--spectacular views!!


    Defiantly a nice 'cool' night run in Moab.  With the sun setting, a cool breeze kicks up, and the trail becomes harder and harder to see in the twilight.  Eventually we donned our headlights, and other auxiliary lights to see.  With the limitation of light every minute, the obstacles become bigger and bigger.  Knowing this is a one-way in and one-way out trail, each obstacle and rock is memorized for the complete darkness on the return trip.  Pretty cool though, the moon was out also, which afforded some extra nature's light.


More funky night obstacles..


Coming around the corner with full under lights on..


Optional step obstacle...


More ledges, hard to easy left to right...


Gatta love nite runs...


   We eventually made it to the top of the 'pass', and took a right at a 3 way intersection for the trail that goes NE to the Colorado River overlook.    In unison, we shined our lights down on the few below.  Even with 4 Jeeps, it was quite the candlepower!  After some quite reflection in darkness on the overlook, it was time to head back to camp the way we came.  Coming down was twice as fun, since everything was in the dark and the artificial light of our Jeeps.  A fun 'nite run'!  The trail was challenging, the temps cool, and the views spectacular!  Great trip with great friends is what it's all about!  Finally, about 11:15pm, we made it back to the trailhead and back to camp.  W all had some cool ones to reflect on a memorable nite run.  It was off to bed, and on south to the Needles District and Elephant Hill TrailNext trail in 8 hours??---ahhhh, Moab!!


Shining our lights off towards Moab...




Storyline, web design, and captions by:

 Bill Hallinan  HoboJeepers




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