ALL-4-FUN 2004
Georgetown, Colorado
Wednesday, August 4th
& MHJC BBQ under the Big Top...
@ Around Camp-Georgetown, Colorado

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  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, time to relax, sleep in, sit back, eat and drink, met and mingle, sit back, eat and drink, met and mingle, and enjoy Family/Vendor's Day!  Every Wednesday of All-4-Fun's is set aside to do all the above mentioned. Some even took the opportunity to fish, do another trail, or take a mine tour, or??


The place was buzzing with many things too do...


Free refreshments were on hand all day...


   The manufacture's set up under and around the 'big top' early for the day.  By 10:30am, most were set up and chatting with participants already.  It was a 'shopping mall' of who's who in the 4x4 aftermarket industry.  Owners and reps from many big names were on hand to answer questions and give special show discounts.


   Hot dogs were served from 11:00am-2:00pm thanks to Tellico 4x4.  Free beer (from Clemson 4Wheel Center) was close at hand most of the day, along with free soda.  Numerous vendors were around from 10am to 4pm. Thanks to Melody Mesmer in Promotions for organizing the day.  Vendors for the day included those on the All-4-Fun page on the MHJC website.  Those I know were there were: Bestop, Off-Again, Discount Tire, Warn, M.O.R.E., Clemson 4Wheel Center, Pull-Pal, Tellico 4x4, Bits of Silver, Tomken Machine, Tuffy Security Products, Swagman Publishing, High Country 4x4, Rockhard 4x4, Crane High Clearance, Stage West, 4Wheel Parts, Sidekick Off-Road, and Western Adventures to name a few.


Many vendors like 4Wheel Parts...


Rick Russell from Sidekick...


& Clemson 4Wheel Drive...were present and chatty (Fred Perry, right)


   Anyone who wanted to have his or her rig in the Show-N-Shine set up from 9:30am-11:00am. This year's Show-N-Shine had all kinds of rigs, and a new twist on category's.  Norris M. created categories for everyone to participate.



The Show-N-Shine next to the 'Big Top'...


    After a full morning and early afternoon just around camp, one can get wore out!  A relaxing afternoon with friends, and a chance to check out the area, or some even took a Jeep trip to explore the many mines in the area.  Wednesday is a 'break' from the week to relax any way you want.


Warn and Clemson 4Wheel with a rep from Children's Hospital...


    At 6pm, the MHJC BBQ Committee served up another great meal of BBQ Chicken and beef!! The rains came and went, just enough to keep the dust down, but they were also a welcome sight. A special Children's Hospital kid gave a great talk about his adventures at the Burn Camp. Then around 7pm under the 'big top', all show and shine awards were handed out by Norris Meyers. 


The BBQ was again great...


One of our burn camp kids came and spoke,

then presented Chris and Paula (Chairs) with a plaque...


Norris Meyers handed out Show-N-Shine trophies to the winners...


  A fun and relaxing day from the trail!!  Or, meeting new and old friends, talking to manufactures about their products or new ones to fabricate, or??   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Vendor's day 2004 was another great success!!


"See ya on the trail"


Bill Hallinan HoboJeepers



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