section of

Colorado Hwy 391

(Kipling Blvd.)

From Alameda north to Federal Center Gate 2 (approx. 1 mile)

Saturday May 15, 2004 
Denver, Colorado

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(Same text as April 03 cleanup report, in quotes)

   "In Mid-February 2003, another member in MHJC (Robert S. of Patrol 12) brought an idea to MHJC, it was for patrols in MHJC to adopt certain available sections of Colorado highways in the Denver Metro area.  We liked and picked up on the idea, and contacted the CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) to apply for a section.


   We were given many areas to chose from, and we decided on Hwy 391 in Lakewood.  Still a city street, but in an urban setting, it provides great exposure and scenery.  It is a short section compared to others, but will still be fun to keep clean.  The west side borders the US Federal Center, which has grass and trees along it.  The east side borders and Elementary School, a Middle School, more sport fields, and the Jefferson County Stadium that holds sporting events year round.  In Mid-March, we were approved for a section of Hwy 391, and our signs went up in Mid-April."


CDOT posts these nice signs at the beginning of the section on each end with good exposure...


   On an early cool late Spring morning, the HoboJeepers met for our 5th cleanup of our adopted highway 391 section.  Some of the area had been mowed, but most seemed harder to see any trash in the unmowed sections.  6 of 9 Hobos (and 1 prospective) helped with the cleanup this time around, a great turnout!  Many thanks to all for taking time out early on a Saturday, to accomplish our responsibilities to our Adopt-A-Highway obligation.


Katlyn Fisher with pick in hand was ready for for fun!!


   We all met at the Jefferson County Stadium at 7am, then we set out with handmade pick-up sticks and bags in hand.  SixThree Hobos were in attendance, and included:  myself Bill 'Hobo Willy' Hallinan, Marc 'Nugget' Gilbertson, Scott 'Mad Max' Maxwell, Patrol Leader Paul 'WeiszGuy' Weisz, Brett 'BWieszGuy' Weisz, Katlyn 'Little Fife' Fisher, Prospective Hobo Jeff Simmons, Pete 'JeepDog' Rameriz, and Mark 'Fife' Fisher.


Here is a large map view of the Denver area,

our section is indicated by the red star...


Here is an air photo of the section,

the red boxed area along Hwy 391 is our area...



We cleaned the greenbelt as usual (lots of tall grass)...



along the walkway and street near Creaighton Middle School

(here is east side of Kipling Street near Alameda).


    The section was a bit trashed since October, but even with 4 people we managed to get it all, and it looked much better.  We picked up the usual visual trash.  Everyone was in tune with everything picked up except the small cigarette butts.  Seems no big finds this time, as most of the trash was common car trash.  I amazed how people have no guilt throwing trash from their cars.

Jeff even dug out trash from a culvert!



The west side of Kipling Street was picked clean too... no trash was left, all pitched in with a 'team' effort!



All cleaned up!!!

From left to right:

Marc 'Nugget Gilbertson', Scott 'Mad Max' Maxwell,

Bill 'Hobo Willy' Hallinan, Paul 'WeiszGuy' Weisz, Brett 'BWieszGuy' Weisz,

Katlyn 'Little Fife' Fisher, Prospective Hobo Jeff Simmons,

Pete 'JeepDog' Rameriz, and Mark 'Fife' Fisher...




     We were finished in about an hour, with trash bags piled up along Kipling for CDOT to pick up.  The trash seems to less and less every time we clean.  Maybe it's because we keep it clean every 3-4 months.  After a job well done, all of us (except Scott) headed over to our Hobo Run IHOP on 6th and Simms for some good grub.  We once again encourage other 4x4 groups/patrols to adopt a CDOT highway somewhere.  It's a great way to contribute to the community as 4Wheelers, while showing the general public we don't just go up in the mountains and tear them up.  Our next cleanup is planned for a Sunday July 18, 2004, until then---"Jeep, Jeep"!!


"Jeep, Jeep,"


See ya on the trail,


Bill Hallinan HoboJeepers



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*Here is a report from the Fugowies of Patrol 12 and their cleanup on April 12, 2003


Here are some links about Adopt-A-Highway for your group:

*Colorado Dept of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway Website

*Contact for Denver: Linda Haley 5640 E Atlantic Place, 
Denver, CO 80224 (303) 757-9514 



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