ALL-4-FUN 2003
Leadville, Colorado
Leadville Boom Days
Saturday, Aug 2nd
MHJC in Parade and activities...
Leadville, Colorado

   On Saturday August 2nd, the city of Leadville put on it's Annual Boom Days Celebration for the weekend.  Since the All-4-Fun event started the same weekend, those in camp and in MHJC had a chance on Saturday to check it out, and also be in their parade.

Leadville's traditions began with it's miner's...

   7 MHJC members organized on the street about 10am for the parade.  Those I know that were there are Chevette L. (XJ), John O. (Willys), Tom H. (YJ), Greg M. (CJ5), 2 other TJ's and myself (CJ7).  Like the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Denver, it was a hurry up  and waiting game. 

We waited and waited...


Charlie and Molly were toasty waiting in the high altitude sun...


We edged finally closer to main street!


       Finally, we edged closer to main street.  There was a good crowd on hand for the parade, lots of friendly people.  The parade went really SLOW.  Even in 2 low, there was many stops.  I hear some were doing shows up near the viewing stands.  Also, they were bringing in more entries from other streets.  Pretty informal parade.  Glad to be thru, we split up and enjoyed the other events.


On the north side of town starting the parade...


there were lots of people...


as Chevette waved to the crowd...

    Along with the burro races on Sunday, there were events for miner's to compete.  I stopped by in time for the spike pounding competition.  They had 6 large nails, and had to pound 3 up on the upper plank, and 3 on the lower plank.  It looked hard!  Back on the main street, vendors were out with fair food and wares of all kinds.  A nice day in Leadville, Colorado!

This looked hard to do!  I'd pull something trying this...


Main street was filled with activities...


"See ya on the trail!"


Bill Hallinan HoboJeepers



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