Jenny Creek Trail
Father's Day Run
Near Rollinsville, Colorado

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"Wow!! 'what a great day for some wheeling in the sun,
& happy father's day to all the Dads that came out to jeep."

Nice Jenny Creek Trail map and directions 


    On Sunday, June 19th  2005, we set out early about eight-ish, to a meeting at Hwy 93 and Coal Creek (Hwy 72), then pointed our treads towards Jenny Creek Trail (Forest Road 502) and headed out. In the group were: myself Pete R (TJ), Jeff S (TJ), Dan B (TJ) , and Mark J (TJ) and camera. Guests included: Frank E. (CJ) from Patrol 6 and his family, Pete's friend Rob Beeson and his family.

Meeting place Hwy 93 & 72...


Airin' down and doin' da disco...


    Beautiful scenery makes up half the fun of getting to the trail. Just before the start of the trail, we stopped outside of Rollinsville to disco and air down. As we were airing down, we noticed a long train approaching fast so we decided to load up and leave to beat the train that will cross our path towards the trail head.


Trying to beat train...


Nothing but blue skies...


    Not a cloud in the sky as we approached the beginning of the trail with our first creek crossing to cool things off. Jenny Creek (which runs along the trail in places) looked to be running full.  Arriving at the 1st obstacle crossing Jenny Creek, we ran across one at a time with smiles.  No one had any trouble on the few obstacles along the trail; for the most part we tried to figure out the most difficult (fun) rout to take.


Pete's friend Rob w/ wife at the wheel...


   Next, it was on to our first snow bust on the trail. Which seemed easier than it looked as we managed to plow through? It just seems to be getting worse as we kept on going. One by one we made it thru the snow. Now it was getting that time to have some lunch before we would set of again to what turned out to be some major snow busting the rest of the way.


Ok---so the fun begins...


But first--some lunch...

    As for the rest of the trail, it was nice and bumpy and many stream crossings (did I also mention all the snowbusting??).  Heading up the trail we noticed the trail started filling up w/ water, and before we noticed the trail was under a creek of water for about of a mile until we hit dry land again. This is the trail, it follows the creek bed in and out.  The trail follows along side Jenny Creek, and eventually up and in the creek (Forest Road 502).  A long time ago, the creek jumped it's banks and took the least path of resistance, which was the existing trail.  This makes Jenny Creek unusual and different from all other Colorado trails (except for a portion of Taylor Pass), a chance to run up (and down in our case) a creek.  With the low runoff this year from snow banks, the water in Jenny Creek was running fairly high but clear!  Seemed a little strange driving up the creek bed, but like I said, this is the trail.  For a good hundred yards or so in two different locations we were running up the creek.  

   We continued the rest of the afternoon winching and digging our way through the rest of the way for there was no turning back now, as we busted thru Jenny Creek for the rest to follow--it's open! So that ends this year's long father's day journey. 

Frank tries a much difficult approach...


Finally--the last hill...


"I cant believe were done jeepin' after 9 hours"...



"Jeep, Jeep,"


Storyline, captions, and photos by Trip Leader:

Pete R


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