Aspencades 99'
Above Central City, Colorado

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Quaking Aspens at peak color in the Colorado Rockies.......

     As fall was in full bloom up in the foothills, the Hobos attended the very successful and fun ASPENCADES 99' event on September 24th-26th above Central "Casino" City.  Thanks to MHJC and especially Patrol "Where the Fugowie" 12 for a great time!!

MHJC Commander Bob w/Denny          Yankee Doodle Lake                            Quick Trail Fix

Aspencades 99'

   After setting up camp Friday night, Hobo "feelin' lucky" Jon, and new Hobos Chris and Debi Vieth and I tried our luck down at Fitzgerald's Casino in Blackhawk.  As Chris, Debi and I used our money for the essential food items, Jon was upstairs paying the light bill for the casino.  Chris did try a few 25 cent slots and won $200 big ones! Chris stopped well ahead, and watched me pay the light bill to the tune of $25.  Jon though, after 4 hours straight playing blackjack and being down all night, ended up winning 5 bucks (&free drinks), and was ready to head back up to camp.

    A small portion of Aspencades Base Camp

Great chow served up Saturday by the "Fugowies"   

    The Hobos ran two trails during Aspencades 99'.  On windy Saturday we ran the Jenny Jeep Trail, and on Sunday we led an Aspen Loop trip around the area looking for aspens and some jeepin' (we found both!). 


Below are the trip reports:




    Saturday, the winds howled so much that my tent trailer was blown off its supports, and rolled a few feet down hill.  After setting back up, and tieing everything down, it was chowtime!  Thanks to the great food cooked by Tom Allen, Lynn and Karen Butler, and all the others who made it a yummy dinner!  Thanks also to Tom Allen for the door prizes to all.  The wind gods were howling then, as we almost started a forest fire (don't ask), and it was very windy all night as a predicted cold front was approaching.  A warm campfire kept the party diehards cozy in the cold winds, as did the refreshments (which for some reason never got warm).  The aspens were at their full peak and the weekend event was a lot of fun!! Thanks again to all who put it on!

    Great Colorado views and gold colored aspens everywhere!

Now this is the way to end a great day of jeepin'!!  



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