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    On Saturday July 20th, the crew started out on a sunny day, Hobos Paul & Brett Weisz (WeiszGuy), Jed McClelland (Clampett), and Scott & Peter Maxwell (MadMax), and guests: Troy and his brother Don Antill, Matt & Lori Carson, guests and Tom Cypher and his girlfriend headed for the hills.  On through Minturn we trekked picking up Jed's brother Jim and his wife Susan.  With the crew fully assembled, we headed out to wheel.  The trail started getting rough, the mighty Jeeps (and a Bronco) were bounced, but we didn't get lost.


1-Jed got everyone's attention on the ledge below French Creek...


    While navigating the lower section of the trail we made radio contact with some of the other MHJC patrols farther up the mountain.  We stopped at a great place by the creek and had a nice lunch.  With that behind us, we headed on up the trail.  Holy Cross is a great trail with fantastic scenery and a nice series for obstacles and boulders from bottom to top.  The upper half definitely has the more challenging obstacles.  The first proved a good test of the vehicles with some impressive climbing demos put on over a large ledge.  This section of the trail is noticeably wider than what it was last year.


2-Troy & Jed heading up French Creek...


    The next stop, quite literally, was at French Creek.  There we joined the line and waited for a hapless Jeeper to extricate himself from the stream and off the boulders.  Not quite sure what line he was attempting, but it obviously wasn't a good one.  A little high lift action and plenty of tow straps, and he was pulled out of the way.  After letting a couple vehicles go on ahead of us, the Hobos lined up for the run.  Most chose to tackle a tougher line through the creek.  A recent brief rain shower erased the little traction available on the big granite boulders.  After several valiant attempts, most of the gang opted for the easier route to the left.  Paul and Troy, both sporting 35 and 36s were able to walk up the more difficult line with ease.  On up to the Holy Cross we went after saying hi to the MHJC patrols that were waiting patiently to come back down through the Creek area.


3-'MadMax' tries to stay left...


    Once up at the city, we opted for the left-hand road, as we hadn't explored the year before.  While a nice drive, the road doesn't go too far before dead-ending at the wilderness border.  So we turned around and headed back toward the obstacle above Holy Cross.  Last year, the off-camber boulder before the obstacle had us thinking we wouldn't try this one again.  However, someone has piled enough rocks on the down slope-side to make this a cakewalk.  On up to the staircase we went.


4-Paul tries pulling some G's above Holy Cross...


    This is a great obstacle.  On first appearances it looks pretty doable.  The key is getting just the right line up the first big step.  Once up on the first step, if you've taken the correct line without getting bounced to the right you stand a good chance of making it up the next steps and over.  However, if you get a little right on the first step, you're on top, but hung up in some big rocks on the right. This happened to a couple of the crew. After some strategic rock placement we were able to get up an over.  Then came Paulů.  Opting for the sheer slick face on the left. While the line looked possible, the steep angle and really slippery rock we're to be so easily breached.  Paul did put on a good show and assumed the vertical position. A little winching was able to get him up and over.


5-Matt & Lori make it look easy...


6-Troy checks out the left line...


    On the way back down we had to stop at the Creek and wait for a big F-250 to beat it's way across the boulders.  While waiting, we noticed the Matt had sheered the front shackle mount off the frame.  Several wraps of bailing wire later he was almost as good as new.  Amazingly, the wire held up all the way back down.  I'm sure Matt and Lori was glad they flat towed the Jeep for the trip home.


    Once down we all headed back to town. It was a great day of Hobo wheelin', and we're glad we had some great guests along for the ride.


"Jeep, Jeep,"


Storyline & captions by Scott 'MadMax' Maxwell HoboJeepers



*Web design by Hobo Willy, Thanks to Scott Maxwell for the photos...


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